Kenapa saya menulis tentang hal kayak gini juga? Karena ini masih berhubungan dengan game, terlebih lagi di Indonesia!! Jadi kalau Anda-Anda sekalian, para pembaca yang budiman, menemukan info yang berhubungan dengan perkembangan game di Indonesia, jangan sungkan, silakan beritahu saya di bagian “About Us” atau melalui email ke stoplayingame[at]gmail[dot]com. Thanks!


Anyway, kembali ke topik. Menurut thread yang tertulis di KASKUS, Gameloft sedang mencari PHP Programmer, C# Game Programmer, C++ Game Programmer, Game Producer, Flash/UI Artist, Game Designer, Quality Assurance/Tester, Human Resources Manager, Office Administrator, dan IT Support. Beh ribet…

Jika tertarik, silakan kirim CV dan surat pengantar (dalam bahasa Inggris) ke Dan application form-nya dapat diunduh di sini. Dan menurut info yang tertulis di page Facebook Gameloft Yogya, kantor Gameloft berada di Pacific Building 1st Floor, Jl. Laksda Adisucipto 157.

Persyaratan lowongan kerja diatas dapat Anda baca, setelah pariwara berikut.

  • PHP Programmer

Email Subject Reference : NAME_PHP FB_JKT

PHP Programmer: Facebook / Social Games (Junior / Senior)

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

As a member of Gameloft’s top-level engineering team, report to Team Leader and Producer, you will:

  • Create web frame in which game (developed by game programming team) can be embedded
  • Build additional client pages (Gifts page), and the PHP Payment page that needs to be integrated into the game’s mechanism.


  • At least 1 year of working experience with Facebook application development
  • Good experience with PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
  • Knowledge of developing social games is a big plus
  • Fast learner, ability to get used to Gameloft’s in-house social game development libraries quickly
  • Good in English (reading and writing), and very good interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Result-orientation, teamwork, and good analysis skills;
  • Rigour, reliability and autonomy;
  • Ability to work under pressure and on many projects at the same time.
  • C# Game Programmer

Email Subject Reference : NAME_C# FB PRG_JKT

C# Game Programmer – Facebook / Social Games

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

As a member of Gameloft’s top-level engineering, reporting to Team Leader and Producer, you will:

  • Join in developing video games on Facebook and other social networks;
  • You will take part in projects involving various Gameloft studios around the world such as US, France, Japan, etc; and
  • will work closely with project managers and other departments of the studio such as quality assurance, game design, and graphic art to deliver high-quality and fun social games.


  • At least 1 year of working experience in web game field;
  • Strong C# programming skill;
  • Good knowledge of 3D fundamentals;
  • C++ knowledge is a plus;
  • Knowledge of Unity3D is a big plus;
  • Experience in developing online multiplayer games is an asset;
  • Bachelor degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent (Electronics – Telecommunications, Math – Informatics) is preferable;
  • Good reading and writing skills in English;
  • Team spirit, sense of responsibility, deadline commitment;
  • Ability to work under high pressure.
  • C++ Game Programmer

Email Subject Reference : NAME_C++Server FB PRG_JKT

C++ Game Server Programmer – Facebook / Social Games

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

As a member of Gameloft’s top-level engineering team, reporting to Team Leader and Producer, you will:

  • Work closely with the design teams to define and develop the network portion of our games currently in development;
  • Create and deploy the server architecture;
  • Assist the game play programmers in client / server integration;
  • Suggest the best techniques to offer players the best network experience (optimize client/server exchanges and reduce latency).

Requirements :

  • At least 1 year of working experience in network programming field
  • Strong C/C++ programming skill
  • Excellent skill in socket programming (UDP/TCP)
  • Very good knowledge of network architectures, protocols and services
  • Experience with Facebook is a plus
  • Knowledge of Linux, PHP/MySQL is an asset
  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science specializing in computer networks and multimedia communications is preferable
  • Good English reading and writing skills;
  • Team spirit, sense of responsibility, deadline commitment;
  • Ability to work under high pressure;
  • Game Producer

Email Subject Reference : NAME_PROD JKT

Game Producer – Facebook / Social Games

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

Occupying the key position in game production process, you will coordinate project teams to develop world-class games on smartphones and Facebook as well as other social networks.

Your daily responsibilities consist of:

  • Planning, coordinating and supervising the game development cycle implemented by different teams, from the conception stage to the finalisation stage (Game design, Programming, Graphics, Quality assurance…);
  • Actively communicating with Head Quarter Producers as well as development teams in other countries;
  • Constantly controlling the game quality and the project status to make sure that the games are delivered on time and match Gameloft’s high quality standards.


  • Bachelor degree or equivalent, and at least 2 years of experience in management position;
  • Passionate about video game, and good gaming background: having good knowledge of a wide variety of video games on different platforms, especially smartphones, Facebook and social networks;
  • Excellent ability to evaluate video games;
  • Strong analytical skill, very well-organized, problem-solving;
  • Responsible, result-oriented, able to work under high pressure and to handle multiple tasks at the same time;
  • Good leadership and team spirit;
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent written and spoken English.

Please specify your gaming background (i.e., the types of games and platforms you have played) in your job application).

  • Flash/UI Artist

Email Subject Reference : NAME_Fl/UI FB_JKT

Flash / UI Artist: Facebook / Social Games (Junior/Senior)

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

Upon joining the Art department, your will be in charge of the whole graphic production for Gameloft facebook social games.

Requirements :

  • Knowledge of 3D Tools (3D smax, zbrush) is a plus.
  • Ability to carry an idea from the conceptual phase to the finished illustration, not afraid of making a lot of tries and iterations.
  • Superior eye for light, value, composition, color, staging.
  • Foundation in the traditional arts.
  • Have shipped AAA videogame titles as an artist is a plus.
  • Concept Artist skills is a plus (character design + environment design).
  • Your organizational and interpersonal skills enable you to deliver quality projects under strict deadlines.
  • You have a good level in English.
  • The position requires a proficient level on both a creative point of view and on a technical one.
  • We are seeking for an experienced profile, autonomous and versatile.

Please send your application (CV + a few samples of significant work + address of personal web site)

  • Game Designer

Email Subject Reference : NAME_GD FB_JKT

Designer : Facebook / Social Games (Junior / Senior)

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

A game designer brings expertise and creativity to the challenges, production and accessibility of a game. The game designer’s duties include:

  • Designing and implementing different game components (core gameplay, social features, reward structure, production, accessibility, viral aspects, monetization);
  • Creating a game that is appealing, immersive and meets players’ expectations while respecting the technical capabilities of the platform;
  • Benchmarking: documenting and analyzing the competition;
  • Team management: coordinating teams of graphic artists and developers working together on the project.

Requirements :

  • Very good knowledge in game design (playability, learning curve, production, difficulty management, pacing, rewards, accessibility, etc.);
  • Able to convey ideas concisely and analyze them in detail;
  • Able to illustrate ideas and/or create prototypes with standard production tools (Photoshop, Flash, Sketch-up, 3D Studio Max, Unity, Blitz, etc.);
  • Able to communicate easily in a visual manner;
  • Knowledge of the major companies in social gaming and the leading titles on the market;
  • Good knowledge of classic console video games, major titles and their audience;
  • Leadership, motivation and ease of communication as part of a project development team;
  • Able to listen to comments from other team members and take them into account while being able to criticize your own work to improve its quality;
  • Fluency in English is mandatory;
  • Good knowledge of the workings of social networks is required for this position;
  • Previous experience in designing social games a definite asset;
  • Good general knowledge, especially in the entertainment field (movies, music, pop culture, fashion, international TV, etc.) an asset;
  • Knowledge of programming languages/scripting an asset;
  • Previous professional experience in community media (MSN, MSN Lifestyle, MySpace, etc.) an asset;
  • Quality Assurance/Game Tester

Email Subject Reference : NAME_QA _JKT

Working location: Jakarta and Yogyakarta

As a member of Gameloft’s major Quality Assurance team, you will:

  • Participate in the testing process to ensure the quality of our top-rated mobile games.
  • Upon your skills and potential, assigned specific tests,;
  • Describe and report bugs on bug database. Based on relevant requirements and checklists;
  • Work closely with producers and programmers from the beginning to the end of game production cycle, you will have an in-depth vision of video games on a wide range of mobile phones.


  • Strong interest and experience in playing video games;
  • Attention to details;
  • Good skills of English reading and writing;
  • Office computer literacy.
  • Human Resources Manager

Email Subject Reference : [HRM-JKT] YOUR_FULL_NAME

Being a Human Resources Manager, you will be in charge of all HR functions at Gameloft studio in Jakarta.

Your responsibilities will include

  • Recruitment and training
  • Carrying out and coordinating recruitment activities to sustain development of activities in Jakarta studio; taking part in recruitment and selection process; proposing ideas to improve recruitment and reach targets;
  • Maintaining and developing good relationship with academics, institutions, and partners;
  • Conducting orientation program for new comers and developing training programs as well as proposing measures related to training process, in collaboration with related departments.
  • Compensation and benefits:
  • Implementing compensation and benefits policy, including insurances and different allowances for the staff;
  • Administering all staff dossiers (offer letter, contract, discipline, annual leave, promotion, re-allocation, exit procedure, etc), and ensuring that they are accurate, well prepared and followed up.
  • Advising General Manager and taking initiatives in set-up/implementation of studio policies, regulations, organization, process, etc in accordance with the local Labour code; taking care of the compliance of all staff with studio regulations.
  • Advising and managing on a diverse range of strategic and operational issues which will include redundancy, complex disciplinary and grievance issues, employee tribunals and complex change management issues. This role will give you significant exposure to dealing with contracts of employment, company handbooks and changes in legislation.
  • Keeping good relation with employees, taking care of their morale and motivation; proposing activities for their benefits.
  • Supervising Administration team to make sure all office operations run smoothly; office administration will include – but not be limited to: paperwork, safety, security, access door system, office equipment, etc.
  • Reporting to General Manager.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, or related area such as Business Administration, etc.
  • At least 3 years of experience at HR management level, ideally in IT/video game areas.
  • Strong knowledge of labour code and HR best practices.
  • Fluent English (both writing and speaking), and excellent Bahasa Indonesian.
  • Having strong experience in recruitment is a plus.
  • Good knowledge of IT network (universities, jobs, etc) is welcome.
  • Good communication, presentation and interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-solving, very well-organized and responsible person.
  • Ability to work under high pressure.
  • Office Administrator

Email Subject Reference : [OA-JKT] YOUR_FULL_NAME

Under Studio Manager and HR Manager’s supervision, you will be a person in charge of all administrative, facilities, logistic issues.

Your daily work:

  • Ensure smooth administrative support for the office, including but not limited to: air-conditioning, electricity, telephone, drinks, food, office furniture and stationery, mailing, staff cards, parking for staff vehicles, transportation, traveling etc.
  • Deal with suppliers in order to provide the afore-mentioned administrative support; and follow up office expenses.
  • Manage access doors, make access reports, and take care of all office keys.
  • Arrange travel, company meetings, and visa applications.
  • Organize office maintenance and repair work.
  • Take care of accommodation for expatriates and company’s visitors.
  • Take charge of all reception functions (operating phone calls, welcoming visitors, receiving and delivering letters/newspapers/magazines, etc).
  • Implement other administrative tasks as needed and upon request.


  • Bachelor degree in Business Studies/Administration/Management, Commerce, Finance/ Accounting/Banking or equivalent.
  • Very good at English and Indonesian.
  • Office computer proficiency (Word, Excel, Internet and e-mail).
  • Well-organized, pro-active, autonomous and responsible.
  • Capable of learning fast and handling a variety of different tasks.
  • IT Support

Email Subject Reference : [IT-JKT] YOUR_FULL_NAME

Gameloft is looking for an experienced, dynamic, autonomous, and highly motivated computer support technician to provide efficient solutions to users.

Duties and responsibilities include:

  • Level 1 support, providing hardware and software support on employee systems (troubleshooting email, network, and peripheral equipment problems, for example).
  • OS and application installations, upgrades, and maintenance, following standards defined by the GNS (Global Network Services) Team and Gameloft Management.
  • Hardware installation and deployment, including PC, printer, telephone and fax installations.
  • Task automation of the above mentioned points wherever possible.
  • Documentation and end-user FAQ preparation.
  • Manage IT equipment inventory.


  • Experience in managing, maintaining, and debugging a large installed base of PC computers (mainly MS Windows 7 Pro. and Linux Ubuntu 10) in a networked environment.
  • Good understanding of TCP/IP and network troubleshooting.
  • Experience and strong knowledge with MS Operating Systems (especially XP), Office applications, common network services and protocols (HTTP, FTP, SMB, etc.)
  • Experience with enterprise class software deployment and inventory solutions is definitely an asset.
  • Experience with enterprise class antivirus solutions is definitely an asset.
  • Experiencing with Ghost, Sysrep, WinPE, and other similar tools is definitely an asset.
  • Good knowledge of Linux.
  • Customer-oriented and service minded.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills.
  • Analytical, problem solving expertise.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a fast paced environment.
  • Independent and highly motivated worker with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn.
  • Ability to effectively communicate in English would be considered a definite asset.